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What we do

The Foundation provides assistance to entrepreneurs and their businesses in a way that many entrepreneurs find convenient and most enabling. We not only provide capital, but facilities, support, information and expertise as well.

SME Relief Foundation works via strategic, complimentary, capacity-building programs in order to achieve its objective of supporting SME entrepreneurs.

The Foundation assists SME entrepreneurs by adopting a think tank approach and looking for synergies between the ideas, products and technologies being developed in order to grow their business ideas and enterprises faster.

This approach fosters the growth of these new ideas and subsequently, the business and allows for SME entrepreneurs to emerge in greater numbers and with far greater skill.

SME Relief Foundation believes that all the entrepreneur needs to succeed is the right information, funding, facility or expertise at the right time and we are here to facilitate that process.


  • Policy - We advocate for business-friendly policies and healthy business environments from government and public policy makers.

    We also try to positively influence government policy, corporate policy and public opinion regarding our mission.

  • Education - We advocate entrepreneurship especially to the youth, unemployed and people with special needs.

    We try to inculcate in these potential entrepreneurs, the rugged mentality and multiple dispositions required to be a successful entrepreneur. We do this through capacity building seminars and conferences.

    We also run regular workshops that impart practical, useful and relevant skills to those seeking to be entrepreneurs at our resource centers.

SME Relief Foundation is a non-profit, non-governmental organization based in Ghana whose founding is based on the realization that SME entrepreneurship is vital to creating jobs and enhancing the quality of life of all people.

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